Monday, April 10, 2006

Good News: 2006 Tractor Show Guide

We managed to get the 2006 Antique Tractor Show Guide online this year, and in just the nick of time. It's show season! As I mentioned in a previous blog, my sister Cindy entered the show data for us every year since 1999. She died last Thanksgiving after a long illness at the young age of 39. As a result we did not have a tractor show guide for 2005 and many of you missed it.

Thanks to my friend Mary Lutz and her husband Brian, we now have an updated 2006 Show Guide online! They spent many many hours typing in the data and proofing it.

I spent the weekend updating the show guide software so that you can now enter your club's tractor show directly into the guide if you do not see it listed. We're starting out with only 561 shows so I'm hoping if you have a show, or know of a show not listed you will enter it.

Thanks! Hope to see you at a show this year!